On a distance of about 50 km south-west from Hoek van Holland a platform called Europlatform is situated. The coordinates of the platform are: 51°60′ NB, 3°16′ OL. The platform serves as a beacon for ships on the North Sea and is also used for meteorological measurements and wave measurements by KNMI and Rijkswaterstaat (RWS).



The Wind Energy department of TNO Energy Transition & Materials carries out a meteorological measurement program for the government (Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate) in the Dutch part of the North Sea. We provide developers and other interested parties with information about the meteorological conditions for future wind farms in the North Sea. We are currently carrying out measurements at four measuring locations (Europlatform – EPL, K13A, L2-FA-1 and Lichteiland Goeree – LEG). In addition, historical data sets are available from a number of measurement locations, such as Meteorological Measuring Mast IJmuiden (MM-IJ) and Meteorological Measuring Mast OWEZ (MM-OWEZ).

Measurement campaign

Since beginning of May, 2016 TNO is performing meteorological measurements on Europlatform (EPL) with a ZX LiDAR. All the data is stored in a database and is made publicly available on this website. A LIDAR system is mounted on the platform.

The LiDAR measures wind speeds and directions at 63, 91, 116, 141, 166, 191, 216, 241, 266 and 291 meter. The LiDAR signals are general signals and for each height.


Signal name


EPL_batvoltage Battery Voltage V
EPL_tempcpu CPU-temperature inside the LiDAR deg C
EPL_humpod Relative Humidity inside the LiDAR %
EPL_bearing LiDAR bearing Deg
EPL_tilt LiDAR tilt angle Deg
EPL_pair Air Pressure at LiDAR position hPa
WPL_wsmet Wind speed measured by LiDAR meteo station m/s
EPL_wdmet Wind direction measured by LiDAR meteo station Deg
EPL_HXXX_npts Measuring points
EPL_HXXX_missed Missed points
EPL_HXXX_npackets Packets in fit
EPL_HXXX_Wd Wind direction Deg
EPL_HXXX_Wshor_avg Horizontal wind speed average m/s
EPL_HXXX_Wshor_std Horizontal wind speed standard deviation m/s
EPL_HXXX_Wshor_min Horizontal wind speed minimum m/s
EPL_HXXX_Wshor_max Horizontal wind speed maximum m/s
EPL_HXXX_Wshor_avg Vertical wind speed average m/s

LiDAR installation and Maintenance – ZX-300(M)

To perform wind speed measurements, a ZX-300(M) has been installed that can measure up to a height of 300 meters above sea level. The laser beam is safe for the eyes according to IEC EN 60825-1, January 2008.

Since May 2016  the LiDAR performs measurements at the platform. The LiDAR is regularly maintained and replaced with a newly calibrated LiDAR.

Data validation

During measurements failures can occur. This is why the measured data is checked for errors to prevent ‘pollution’ of the database. This happens in two steps:

1. The measurement computer checks for failures such as

  • No connection with a sensor
  • No connection with the measurement system
  • A value of a signal exceeds a minimum or maximum value

2. The measured data is daily checked manually for deviations

This data is filtered out and marked as ‘invalid’. When requesting the data from the database the ‘invalid’ data is not provided, so the user can be confident working with valid data.


Measurements on platforms LEG, EPL, K13A and L2-FA-1 are performed by TNO under accreditation 'L324 meteorological measurement'.

L324 - Raad voor Accreditatie (


To download the data from EPL, you will be redirected to the Nimbus website, after registration, the data is accessible. The Nimbus website is only available in English.

Download data