Offshore windpark Egmond aan zee

The Egmond aan Zee wind farm was the first big wind farm to be built in the North Sea off the Dutch coast. The farm comprises 36 wind turbines, each with a capacity of 3 MW. Together they will supply enough renewable electricity for more than 100,000 households.



The farm is located 10 to 18 kilometers from the coast at Egmond aan Zee. The total area of the farm covers around 27 km2 . The wind farm is visible from the coast.

The knowledge and experience gained from this first Dutch offshore wind farm contributes to the future development of wind energy as a renewable energy source. The Dutch government has also clearly designated the farm as a demonstration project.

Measurement campaign MM OWEZ

More information about the measurement campaign can be found on the website of Shell. Wind | Over ons (

Data validation MM OWEZ

During measurements failures can occur. This is why the measured data is checked for errors to prevent ‘pollution’ of the database. This happens in two steps:

1. The measurement computer checks for failures such as

  • No connection with a sensor
  • No connection with the measurement system
  • A value of a signal exceeds a minimum or maximum value

2. The measured data is daily checked manually for deviations

Data that is not in order is marked as ‘invalid’. When requesting the data from the database the ‘invalid’ data is not provided, so the user can be confident working with valid data.


More information about reporting can be found on the Shell website: rapporten | Over ons (



More information on data from offshore wind farm Egmond aan Zee can be found on the Shell website: rapporten | Over ons (